The Elements: Constitutional Type & Temperament

The Air Type
Astrology of Healing Lesson #3 on the First Wound and Transits

The air element is associated with perceptivity, movement, the nervous system and reflexes, as well as empty spaces and tubes—such as the hollow spaces inside veins and intestines. It is light, quick, dry, and cold. This lesson covers the psychology and medical characteristics of the air type and the symptoms of derangement along with basic therapies for bringing the air element into balance.

The Fire Type
Lesson #1 of the Astrology of Healing
Fire rules the caustic chemicals used in digestion and through its relationship to light, it is associated with sight and the eyes. It is idealistic and progressive and leads the way into the future through its ability to visualize and arouse passion. When toxic, it is impatient and angry. Fire is hot, dry, and light—and since it is the only element that is warm, it is needed to reduce the coldness of the other elements.

The Water Type
Astrology of Healing Lesson #2 on Past Lives and Key Significators in the Horoscope

Water is the exact opposite of fire: it is cold, wet, and heavy. Since it is the only element that is wet, it is used to soften and moisture everything that is too dry, such as joints and skin as well as inflexible areas of the temperament. Water is retentive and has an excellent memory. Just as fire looks ahead, water looks back. It preserves both memories and traditions and is more partial to antiques than whatever passes for modern taste.

The Earth Type
Earth is the most stable of the elements and it is therefore found in the parts of our bodies that give us strength and structure such as teeth and bones. It is heavy, cold, and dry and finds balance through interaction with the other three elements: air for agility, fire for warmth, and water for moisture. Earth is conservative, practical, and often resistant to new ideas until they are found to be useful or profitable . . . then, their worldly skills manifest magnificently.







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