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Taste and the Elements

The taste of food is a clue to its pharmacology and effect on the body. For instance, foods are sour because they contain acids which, in turn, increase the fire element. . . which can be pacified by foods that increase the water element such as those that are sweet. When fire is toxic, it is detoxified by food and herbs that are bitter because the bitter taste is due to the presence of alkaloids. Taste and the Elements is extremely logical and practical.

Astro Pharmacology
Astropharmacology continues where taste and the elements leaves off. Here, medicinal herbs, herbal formulation, and astrological associations with herbs are studied from a historical and modern perspective.


The Lessons Themselves

This set of lessons contains a pdf book and will span a minimum of six hours of podcasting, split into at least two sessions. There is homework with each lesson. Depending on the familiarity with astrological terms and techniques, the homework for can take anywhere from 10 to 40 hours per lesson.



This course represents more than 40 years of research, contemplation, application, and testing of theories and ideas. For purposes of this online presentation, the content has been updated to reflect my most current thoughts and findings. All the material is original and copyrighted.

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