Students Living in Developed Countries

There are no scholarships for students living in the U.S., Canada, or Western Europe; however, a limited number of teacher's assistant positions will be available for extremely highly qualified second year and beyond students. Proficiency in astrology, application of the medical and healing precepts, psychological sensitivity, and language skills will be considered when offering these positions.

Students in Third World Countries

There are a few, very few full tuition scholarships available for students in third world countries or countries with foreign exchange problems or huge currency discrepancies with the U.S. dollar, for example, countries where an educated person would earn a fraction of what someone doing the same job would earn in North America or Western Europe.

Since there are so few such scholarships, qualifications will be assessed using an extremely high standard. Previous education, employment, and career interests will be considered along with goals and the particular economic and political circumstances affecting opportunity in the prospective student's country of residence.

A full scholarship would include all course material, feedback on homework, and mentoring through the research projects that are expected at the higher levels of the course.  They do not include stipends or "peripherals" such as supplementary textbooks, computers, internet connection, and travel to seminars.  However, more affluent students are encouraged to sponsor scholarship students.  Donations of books are much appreciated.

No scholarships will be based on personal hardships such as unemployment or poor health. They will be awarded only to highly qualified students who happen to live in countries that have currency disparities. Individuals from developed countries who have chosen to live in third world countries would not qualify for scholarships.


Partial Scholarships

Some students are in a position to pay for the course but using a standard more consistent with the earning power in their countries.  Therefore a sliding scale will be considered in some instances. No one should be embarrassed by disparities in the cost of living.  I have spent much of my life in foreign countries and am well aware that affluence is not evenly distributed on the Planet.

A partial scholarship is really just a reduced rate based on economic differences. However, because there are so many applicants from third world countries and because not all third world countries have currency restrictions, each case will be considered individually, taking into account the education and professional status of the applicant, earning power in the country of residence, age, aptitude, and need.



Cash donations to the scholarship fund are managed by Sacred Medicine Sanctuary in a special fund for Sacred Service. All donations, large and small, are welcomed.

Donations are used 100% for the students receiving scholarships.  Where a student is deserving, all course materials are provided free of charge. Donations enable recipients to acquire textbooks, attend seminars, and receive gifts, such as software and computers, that put the scholarship student on a more equal footing with others in the course.

Donations can be made at any time and in any manner. Some people may wish to ship textbooks or money orders directly to another student; others may be in a position to "adopt" the scholarship student and support much of the student's requirements for the course.

For your convenience, an online donation form is available below.


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