Stress: The Cause of Disease

Causes, Timing, Duration, and Types of Stress
Lesson #1 of the Astrology of Healing

This lesson helps students to think astrologically, to see why each individual is sensitive to different issues so that the impact of financial stresss, work changes, divorce, illness, or legal problems affects everyone somewhat differently. We learn to see patterns and to time the onset of stress and estimate the severity according to the uniqueness of the individual.

The First Wound and Transits
Astrology of Healing Lesson #3 on the First Wound and Transits

This lesson introduces my original theory of the first wound and shows students how to interpret transits to critical configurations in the horoscope. There is also a summary of stress and the various ways it is shown in the chart and there is a bonus lesson on rectification that is quite technical.

Retrograde Planets and Past Lives & the Key Significators
of the Horoscope: Sun, Moon, and Ascendent
Astrology of Healing Lesson #2 on Past Lives and Key Significators in the Horoscope

This lesson is very intense and is accompanied by 4.5 hours of audio. The student goes deeper into the subject of individuality and destiny as well as the importance, socially and psychologically, of patterns.



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