Online Course in The Astrology of Healing

Level One

Taught by Ingrid Naiman

Level One is the longest and most purely astrological. The first part deals with the myriad of ways that stress is shown in the horoscope, including how much weight to attach to various patterns, the timing and duration of stress, and the possible consequences of prolonged stress. In a sense, this material is an evolution of a lecture first given in the 1970s, but it no longer concentrates primarily on the squares discussed at that time. Then, in 1983, I published a book entitled Stress: The Cause of Disease. It went through a number of editions and then went out of print. The material in the course is not the same as the book nor as the correspondence course that was offered beginning in 1996. It has been quite significantly enlarged and some of the previous chapters have been omitted.

The analysis of stress is the first of the four pillars of the course. The second pillar is the elements. In the second and part of the third year, the elements will be covered in such depth as has never been seen before in print. Not only will we go into the temperaments and symptoms of elemental imbalance, but the specific therapies for each imbalance will be elaborated in a manner that dwarfs the second textbook, The Elements: Symptoms of Disease. This is at least a three-volume work in its current form. Not only wiill it go deeper into the interpretation of the elements but will include material from Kitchen Doctor and medical herbalism.


In a typical undergraduate program, students will take one course in the department in which they are majoring in each semester of the freshman and sophomore years. Then, they take more courses in the junior and senior years. The volume of material included in Level One is approximately equivalent to what someone would study if the possibility of majoring in medical astrology were offered to undergraduates in a university. However, there are no exams, just homework. The reason is that the ability to interpret the material and apply it clinically is what we want to develop so the spot quizzes and terrifying finals are not appropriate to real life counseling situations. We are looking for a more mature approach to knowledge.

Those people seeking to have their studies recognized will be required to present a paper at the end of Level One studies. The paper should be 25-40 pages, very carefully researched, edited, and formatted. It will be published on this web site to tell the world that you have met the requirements for a diploma. The copyrights as well as the right to reproduce, market, and publish the paper will, of course, belong to the author, but the original will be published on this site as is the custom with many similar programs. There is an extra charge of $150 for overseeing the paper.


Lesson #1 — approximately 100 pages

  • Circumstances Under Which People Become Ill
  • Benefics and Malefics
  • Part of Sickness
  • Properties
  • Lunar Dispositor
  • Orbs of Aspect
  • Quantitative Measurements of Stress
  • Planetary Groups
  • The Three Crosses
  • The First Wound
  • Houses
  • Transits
  • Bonus Essays (3)

  Sample from Lesson #1






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