Lessons on the Moon

The Moon
Astrology of Healing Lesson #2 on Past Lives and Key Significators in the Horoscope

The first of the lessons on the Moon is mainly about how the contents of lunar memory are acquired, organized, and emotionally referenced. My approach to lunar consciousness is to see it as conditioned Space, meaning it is Space that is filled with memories of experiences, each of which is personal, contextual, meaningful, and "coloring" in the sense that likes and dislikes, attractions and repulsions are all lunar.

Lunar Patterns
In the next lunar lesson, we go deeper into patterns, the traits associated with each of the lunar types, and various therapies that can be used for eliciting recall and shifting patterns. This lesson is very deep and challenging to students.
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The Lessons Themselves

This set of lessons contains three hours of audio and a pdf book. There is homework with each lesson. Depending on the familiarity with astrological terms and techniques, the homework for can take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours per lesson.



This course represents nearly 40 years of research, contemplation, application, and testing of theories and ideas. For purposes of this online presentation, the content has been updated to reflect my most current thoughts and findings. All the material is original and copyrighted.

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